Your area of coverage is the Arab world. What is the Arab World?

We go by the definition of the Arab League, which includes 22 countries we regroup under four regions:

  • The Gulf and the Arabian peninsula: United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Yemen
  • The Middle East: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq
  • North Africa: Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia
  • Africa and the Indian Ocean: Sudan, Mauritania, Somalia, Djibouti, Comoros

Do you cover Iran or Turkey?

No we do not per se, as Turkey and Iran are not Arab countries. However geopolitical developments in the Arab world have seen those two countries intertwined with several regional issues affecting several of the 22 countries we do cover: we therefore have developed expertise relating to those two countries, in connection with regional issues.


How many people work for Arabian Perspectives?

Arabian Perspectives is a one man adventure for now, that of Mario Stephan the founding director. We however work with an established network of experts, and a few selected partners to provide you with complete coverage, both regionally and thematically.

Are you recruiting?

Not for now. Keep an eye on our website as we will post any vacancy coming up.


Do you represent clients and conduct business on their behalf?

No we do not:

  • This can constitute a conflict of interest when dealing with the same interlocutors for more than one client.
  • The relation between the client and a particular stakeholder remains a bilateral matter. Arabian Perspectives cannot nor should play a part in this relation.
  • Relations in the Arab world are based on personal connections and trust between individuals. Acting as a third party can be counterproductive.

Do you implement recommendations and other plans of action you develop?

No we do not per se, however we can source specific consultants in some cases, thanks to our network and our partners. This allows us to provide you with comprehensive answers to issues you flag, and guarantee the same quality from conception to delivery.


Where are you operating from?

We operate from Dubai (UAE), with travels to:

  • Client headquarters and offices in North America and Europe.
  • Client offices in the Arab World.

We are currently working into establishing a presence in London (UK), which will provide our clients with an additional platform to meet and conduct business from.